Our Mission

In these troubling and uncertain times, we the Jewish people, unfortunately find ourselves fielding hate from antisemites the world over.

They are trying to scare us. They are trying to silence us. They are trying to make us hide. They are trying to erase us.

Normal people, regular people, would be scared. Normal and regular people would be silenced.
Normal and regular people would hide.
And they would therefore unfortunately be erased.

But we are not normal people. Nor are we regular people.
We’ve survived exiles, inquisitions, massacres, pogroms and even a Holocaust.
Against all odds, we survive and we thrive.
We are the Jewish people. G-D’s chosen people.

We refuse to be scared.
We refuse to be silenced.
We refuse to hide.
And we refuse to be erased.

Instead, we will be brave.
We will be loud.
We will be proud.
We will make our mark on the world, shining our light upon the nations.

To us Jewish pride is not just about being visibly, loudly and proudly Jewish, but most importantly Jewish pride is about acting Jewish, holding on to our faith, customs and practices, which have been passed down from father to son, mother to daughter, for millennia.

Why Candle and Strap?

The word "Candle" represents the Shabbat candles lit by Jewish women each Friday evening at the onset of Shabbat.

The word "Strap" represents the Leather Tefillin Straps which Jewish men wrap around their arms in prayer each and every day.

At Candle and Strap, we know and believe that our simple, yet spiritual actions engulf us in layers of divine protection, which strengthen our nation and weaken our enemies.

So remember boys and girls, Get Lit and Stay Strapped.